Man Bites Blog. Man’s Blog Bites?

Photo: Alex Vietinghoff

Hello readers. I call you readers even though there is a strong chance that, if you are not my mom, you ended up here entirely by accident. If you’ve stuck around this long, perhaps you’d like to know the what and why of this place. The name comes from an episode of the cartoon Justice League Unlimited called “For the Man Who Has Everything”, itself based on a classic Alan Moore story of the same name.

In it, a character called Mongul(if you don’t know who he is, imagine Space Hitler if he was also a yellow version of the Hulk. That clarifies things, right?), offers the following critique of humanity “You animals really are almost intelligent, aren’t you?” The quote, and the phrase “almost intelligent” have stuck with me ever since. I like to debate and argue, and one of my greatest faults is believing too much in my own intelligence.

The phrase, then, seems like a good way to deflate the arrogance and self-importance that is the enemy of true intelligence. I am, unfortunately, rather full of both arrogance and self-importance. The thoughts I share here are possibly(likely) deficient in some way.

We are still under construction at the moment (they say you should use “we” to give the appearance of being some kind of professional organisation, but I think it is painfully apparent that this is all me.) I’m posting at the rate of approximately one post every two years but have plans to marginally accelerate that pace.  Also, I have no control at the moment over what ads appear on this site as they are generated by WordPress. Please let me know exactly how awful they are.

If you are interested in employing me to write words for you for money, you can email me at:


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